Upcoming BEA Adventure!

Hello, book lovers!

So this week, I officially registered for BookExpo America and BookCon, which will take place during the last week of May in NYC. Aside from being slightly annoyed that the convention is moving to Chicago for 2016, just as I make my move to NY, I’m really excited!

It’ll be my first year attending, and I’ve been glued to my laptop screen lately, finding out as much about the event and process as I possibly can. So far, I feel like I have a vague sense of what it’s going to be like. It kills me not to have the specifics (i.e. Author signing and book drop schedules) and there’s still much to be planned, but here’s what I’m excited for:

BEA Exhibition Hall

First of all, the amazing exhibit hall and the eons of free books I hope to pick up. Oh, and networking! Maybe I’ll secure myself an internship sooner than planned. 🙂 I also get to take on the fun summer task of designing and making business cards for myself. I also read a blurb somewhere about booths giving out free samples of wine and beer (in the early afternoon) so that is kinda cool. Free books, though.

Next: special guests

I’m particularly excited to see Jesse Eisenberg, whose memoir Bream Gives Me Hiccups is coming out later this year (and whose name I saw on the early sneak peek author list and promptly yelped, then accidentally almost knocked my laptop off the couch).

John Green (at BookCon) of course, whom I have had the opportunity to meet several times – LeakyCons – and yet never have. And who will also be at VidCon this summer, another thing  I’m looking forward to.

Mamrie Hart – who will also be at VidCon but I’m hoping her schedule at BookCon will be more flexible, but then again who knows? She’s doing a lot this summer. Plus I’m just excited to pick up a copy of her book and see her do a Q&A. And I love her dog Beanz so much. She is the supermodel of dogs.

Joey Graceffa – I’m really freaking excited he is going to be at BookCon. Because we can all assume that he’s going to attend VidCon, but so will the hordes of thirteen year old girls who follow him around everywhere. Just guessing, but BookCon will be more of a niche audience. Fans are sure to show up, but I doubt it will be as hectic, and I just want to avoid the crowds (and not have to wait in line all day for a photo op). Also I love his dog Wolf, but that has little to do with anything.

Felicia Day! Do I really need to explain that one? Geek Queen of the Internet, Snow White of our hearts, and soon to be author.

Night Vale – trying not to get my hopes up too high but I’m really hoping to score an ARC.

… and I just remembered that Rainbow Rowell will be there too, promoting her book Carry On, which I am eagerly anticipating.

I guess I have rambled on for long enough, moral of the story is I’m excited. But I also want to know if anyone in the blogosphere has any helpful tips for a first time attendee? Comfy shoes, water bottle, and large bag/backpack already noted. 🙂

One specific question for anyone who might have an opinion: Is buying a reader pass worth it, or is worrying about the $1 expected donation not even worth it?

2 thoughts on “Upcoming BEA Adventure!

  1. I AM SO JEALOUS RIGHT NOW I CANNOT EVEN.x DXD I literally would trade half an arm to go to one of these things…but we have nothing like it in Oz. Ohhh Felicia Day?! I LOVE HER IN SUPERNATURAL. x)


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