I like to read books within the YA and Contemporary/Literary Fiction realms. I’m more picky about what Fantasy/Paranormal/Dystopian stuff I read, but check out my “Read” shelf on goodreads and you’ll get a good sense of what kinds of things I’m into. As with many other book review bloggers, I can and will get bogged down in all of the reading material I have. This means that I can’t take on too many responsibilities at a time, so most of the books I’ll be reading in the foreseeable future are ones that I have bought or actively sought out.

At this time, I am not accepting books for review! 

Genres that I do NOT read: Christian, Erotica, and most of Sports and Mystery
I reserve the right to choose not to finish any book.
I reserve the right to publish my honest opinion of what I read, even if I don’t have a positive reading experience.
I reserve the right to read the book on my own timeline. Although I will gladly hold off on posting a review until closer to the publishing date if specified.
Also note: I strongly prefer paper copies to ebooks!

Thanks, everyone!