Book Riot Quarterly Unboxing: September 2015!

It’s my second box from the Book Riot Quarterly subscription, and I’m still in love with the idea. Check out their page on here, where you can also look through some of their past boxes.

So here’s what we have this quarter:

On Beauty by Zadie Smith: here is one book of essays that I’ve been wanting to buy for a couple of years now – ever since I first read White Teeth by Zadie Smith. She’s a seriously brilliant literary mind, and I have no doubt that this book will blow my mind in some way or another. If you haven’t read anything by her, please do!

Skippy Dies by Paul Murray: I’m going to be honest and say that this book was not even a blip on my radar until this package came. The book’s goodreads page has a whole lot of five star reviews, which is so exciting! The 661 page count is daunting, though, especially with lots of books on my backburner right now.

Field Notes mini notebooks: quite awesome, I have far too many small notepads in my possession, yet I am always able to think of ideas within new themes to fill more. Nice that they were included, because the mini notebooks are just expensive enough to put me off buying them by myself.

Book Riot pennant: This is super cute. But I’ve never ever hung a pennant on my wall before, and I don’t exactly have a desk right now to hang this over. Maybe I will be able to round up some book-related wall hangings and find a place for this.

Read Harder can koozie:  First of all, where the heck did the term “koozie” come from? I’m gonna have to look that up later. Second, I don’t drink canned beverages often at all. Rarely. But it’s always nice to have a koozie just in case, so I’m grateful to have such a rad one.

Book lovers, how’s everyone doing? Anyone else get this quarterly box?

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