5 Things About the ‘Paper Towns’ Movie

5 Things About the Paper Towns Movie

    1. The book it’s based on.
      This one is kind of a cop-out because DUH, the book is the reason I’m interested in this movie in the first place. But Paper towns was (I think) the first John Green book I read, and the one that led me to the vlogbrothers youtube channel – which in turn led me down the road of youtubers, and now here I am at VidCon! But of all his books, I think this one is his least ‘romanticized’ novel, which is something that people complain about in his other books. So if you didn’t like TFIOS, maybe try Paper Towns. It’s very different.

    2. This Interview with Nat Wolff 
      If the first paragraph alone isn’t enough to get you hooked, read on for some serious Nat Wolff sass and realness.

    3. This Interview with Nat Wolff AND John Green.
      Their friendship is adorable. The interview starts out serious and quickly degenerates to silliness, which is just as charming as far as I’m concerned. I was texting a friend about this interview and typed so many quotes out that eventually I just said, “You know what? I’m sending you the link to this.”

    4. This blurb about ANSEL ELGORT’S cameo in the film.
      This was a happy surprise to stumble upon. Fans will recognize him as the male lead from last summer’s The Fault in Our Stars movie, and the bromance between Elgort, Wolff, and Green brought the actor to the Paper Towns set.


Have you seen enough yet to go buy tickets??

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