Book Sales Infographic: 2014

Infographic time! I came across a bunch of publishing industry statistics that sparked my interest. Are U.S. bookstores doomed? No. Are eBooks taking over? Not really. People still love print books, and bookstores are still opening around the country. In fact, overall paper book sales went up in 2014 by 2.4%. That may seem like a minuscule amount, but when you consider how much money the U.S. spends on books annually, it’s more than just a chunk of change.

book sales stats
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(stats vary depending on the source)

AAP – Publisher’s Weekly
AAP – Ink, Bits, and Pixels
AAP – Digital Book World
ABA – Ink, Bits, and Pixels
The Bookseller
Hewlett Packard – Publisher’s Weekly

My faith in paper books has been renewed, and I can sleep soundly knowing they’re not going anywhere any time soon.

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