June Book Riot Quarterly Unboxing!

Hi, friends. So for my birthday in March, I was gifted a year-long subscription to Book Riot’s amazing Quarterly box. If you visit their page on Quarterly.co, you can look through some of their previous packages. It’s a really cool program.

My first box arrived last week, and I just had to share what came inside:

Photo Jun 12, 1 12 19 PM
What you see most prominently here is the letter which explain’s the box’s theme and gives a description of each item.

Photo Jun 12, 1 16 32 PM

Here we have:

  • The Word Exchange by Alena Graedon – this author’s first novel has received mixed reviews on goodreads, but I’m excited to read it nonetheless. It takes place in a future where the digital has almost completely erased the traditional. It’s about the importance of words, which makes my book loving heart happy.
    • a special “coda” to the book exclusively for Book Riot subscribers!
  • Smarter Than You Think by Clive Thompson – an exploration of how technology continues to change the way we, its users, think. I’m very excited to read this. I have a soft spot for internet culture nonfiction.
    • Bonus – a new essay by Clive Thompson just for Book Riot about reading War and Peace on his iPhone.
  • Grid-It Organizer – presumably included because of clever wordplay. This physical grid which goes in a purse or backpack organizes items in the same way a computer grid organizes and saves information.
  • Pop Chart Lab Literary Genres Map – A complete flowchart/grid that illustrates how literary genres are related.

Do any of my readers also subscribe to this quarterly? Would you, if you could?

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