I Read YA Week! | Thursday

Happy I Read YA Week!

I am proud to love great stories. For more information on this week-long celebration, click through the logo above. And because Victoria Scott’s answer to the question “Why do you write YA?” says it all, here you go:

Today’s prompt:

What is the book that got you into YA?

This question is something I had to think about quite a bit, and even now I’m not sure what the answer is. There are several books I remember reading early on that I don’t think were considered YA at their time. At Borders, I don’t remember a YA section, but an expanded middle grade/children’s aisle with teen books. Oh, Borders. #tbt

The author I most associate with those early years when the genre was just emerging: Meg Cabot. I read most of the Princess Diaries books, and many of her other novels as well, like Teen Idol (which I loved) Avalon High (which I still have my first edition hardback of), and All-American Girl. Meg Cabot dominated the shelves in the humble beginnings of YA lit.

Around the same time I know I read Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies. This was followed by a trip to the store to buy Prettiesand a subsequent waiting period before Specials came out. This is the first series I can remember being fully on board for. (Besides Harry Potter, of course!) 

That’s about as specific as I can get on this one! I hope everyone is having a great week. I know I missed the beginning of YA week, but I’m glad to participate while I still can!

What about you, book lovers?

What is the book that got YOU into YA?

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