Kamala Khan, the Mighty Muslim

You guys, I cannot tell you how overjoyed I was to see this article on one of my social media feeds last week. It’s great to see things I’m interested in without having to seek them out too actively, but unfortunately that doesn’t happen very much. There is a lot of social media stuff that I ignore regularly.

Ms Marvel

But anyway, the article is a short piece on Sana Amanat, the author of Ms Marvel. She is a woman of color in a field dominated by white men, so I was glad to see some recognition of that fact. I just re-read The Amazing Adventures of Cavalier and Klay a month ago, and while it is a marvelous book – one of my all time favorites – Mr Chabon writes about the beginning of the comic book industry and does not skirt around the sexism and misogyny therein. (Although Joe and Sam are both Jewish, not white, everyone else in the industry except Rosa Saks, Joe’s love interest, is pretty darn white, I’m pretty sure.)

As I mentioned in my last post, I have recently picked up a copy of Ms Marvel and I am so excited to read it. I fully intend to do so before the weekend is over. Here is a blurb from the piece if you’re too lazy to click the link:

Otherwise known as Ms. Marvel, Kamala—deemed a “mighty Muslim” by The New York Times—is the superhero world’s first-ever Muslim Pakistani-American teenager, hailing (as Sana does) from New Jersey. It didn’t take long for the character to strike a chord, sky-rocketing to the No. 1 slot on Marvel’s digital sales chart soon after its release just over a year ago; the first issue has since gone into its seventh reprinting. And just last week, Marvel announced that Kamala would join the newest iteration of the Avengers next fall.

Sorry I’ve been kinda MIA lately. I reiterate what I said before: April is the cruellest month. But school will be over soon and I’ll finally have time to read all the books I’ve been hoarding like a dragon since last fall. I’m also planning on attending book conventions in both Dallas and NYC this May, which I am crazy excited for!

What have you been reading this week, book lovers?

5 thoughts on “Kamala Khan, the Mighty Muslim

  1. This is really awesome and I will definitely try to find and read it!

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