Food for Thought Friday | March 13


Today’s quote comes from a very creative and ambitious man named Joss Whedon. You may know him as the creator of everything I love (I saw that on twitter on his birthday some time ago, tried to find it but couldn’t)

Anyway today’s quote comes from a weird place in my heart. Even though I’m going to be spending the next month and a half writing a paper about ways FANS construct meaning in the Buffyverse (essentially my focus is dethroning Whedon, sorry not sorry), I love the hell outta this:

[From panel at SDCC 2011, when asked why he writes such strong female characters]

At the end of the day I have many answers for it. It has to do with my mom, who was an extraordinary woman, and a great feminist. It has to do with the people in my life. It has to do with a lot of different things, but — I don’t know! Because I’m not just writing from the female characters for other people. I have a desire to see them in our culture — that was not met for most of my childhood. Except occasionally by James Cameron.

-Joss Whedon

The reason I picked this quote specifically is the James Cameron comment – because we discussed Aliens directed by Cameron in feminist film this week, and I’m kind of obsessed with it. Though it’s obviously not a perfect movie, Sigourney Weaver totally kicks ass in it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

2 thoughts on “Food for Thought Friday | March 13

    1. Indeed it is. Seems like a no-brainer to me: write female characters like real humans. Yet rarely do onscreen characters live up to the expectations of feminism.


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