Review: Book of Mormon Coffee Table Book!

So I was lucky enough to have tickets for yet another leg of the Book of Mormon on tour. And imagine my surprise when I glanced at the playbill and saw the name of one AJ Holmes? The one and only, whom we hoped to meet in Chicago when he was standby Cunningham? Whom I had hoped to meet in 2012 at LeakyCon? Whom I had specifically checked the cast listings on the tour website to see if somehow the fates would align us?(No, he wasn’t on the website! Which is why this gave me the hugest shock.) I was starting to think that the universe wasn’t going to let it happen.

But it did happen. And I got to meet him and tell him how much I admire his music for Twisted. And I still don’t believe my luck. Moral of this story: The world will give you what you want if you give up on trying to get it. This has always been my experience on things like this.

I’ve had my eye on the coffee table book since I first saw the show in 2013. Since I was on the fence about spending the money on it, I kept saying Well, I don’t really NEED that, do I? This time around, I just went for it. Because books.

featured quote from jon stewartFirst off, this thing is gorgeous. The dust jacket gives it a faux-leather look and the lovely pages inside have a glossy finish. Inside you’ll find:

  • Production photos
  • Extensive history on the show’s creation
  • Original Cast bios
  • Concept sketches
  • Interviews with the creative team
  • Interviews with cast members
  • A breakdown of the thoughts behind each song in the show
    • with annotations from cast and crew
    • with production stills
  • The transcript of the creators’ interview with Jon Stewart
  • Gorgeous and funny graphics
The content is arranged in innovative ways that catch the eye while the keeping the pages looking neat. The writing is superb, and as you might imagine, funny. But the contributions from the cast and crew members are what really steal the show. Their accounts are detailed, genuine, and lengthy – and not a single sentence is half-hearted.
page view: Tomorrow is a Latter Day typography
If you love the show, then buy this book. It’s a wonderful addition to my collection of Broadway companion books, and it will make you chuckle. I love all the anecdotes included with the script, and appreciated the camaraderie with which they are relayed. This book makes me feel like an insider.
If you’re not sure what this show even is… then I’d hold off on buying this, because it’s really designed for fans who have seen the show performed on stage and want to enhance that experience.
Time ta man up graphic

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