My Book Memory: the Struggle

Here’s something I struggle with that I hope is familiar to some other readers out there: sometimes I read so much that through the vast quantity of texts being consumed, I forget most of the details in a book within a very short period of time.

Of course this is frustrating as a student, because it discourages me to read ahead – the earlier I read something, the less I’ll remember for class discussion. I try to mark key passages in my books if possible, so that at least I can flip through and get a little bit of summary if I need a refresher.
It’s also a source of irritation for me as a reader in general because I love books, and hey it might be nice to actually remember what happens in the amazing novel I finished last week! I often feel lost in face to face conversations about book plots, and resign to listening to the back and forth between others as they refresh my memory.
But all of this is not without benefit. At least I’ve noticed these patterns and therefore learned more about myself as a reader. Maybe (probably) this is something I’ll be struggling with for a long time, so I’m just trying to accept this little reading quirk of mine.
I’ve read recently that (Hey look, a thing I remember! No surprise that it’s a random fact that stuck with me) it’s possible to expand your memory skills through awareness. I’m not entirely sold on the concept, because I feel like there is a certain line a reader crosses between moderate and a lot of content where it just becomes unlikely that all the details will stick.
I’ve often wanted to write reviews on books I read years ago and truly enjoyed, but I usually find that I don’t remember enough of the plot to really do the book justice.

What about you? Any other forgetters out there?

Leave me a comment and let me know if you’ve ever experienced this!

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2 thoughts on “My Book Memory: the Struggle

  1. First off, I just stumbled upon your blog through Bloggers Commenting Back, and the name is making my smile – how funny!

    As for your post, I completely agree. As a student, it's so frustrating to struggle to remember material I've read. To cope, I wait until the night before I'm supposed to have read to complete a reading assignment, which is annoying because I HATE putting off work, and I take notes if I'm reading out of a textbook. When I'm reading for enjoyment, I give myself permission to re-read my favorite books when I'm in the mood to remember the details, and I make sure I write my review ASAP after finishing a book.

    Wouldn't it be great, though, if there WERE a way to expand your memory skills? Let's hope there's some validity to this theory.


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