To Be Read: Blankets and This One Summer

Here are a couple books that I’ve ordered and am constantly checking my phone to see if they’ve arrived yet. These two are both graphic novels. The first is Blankets by Craig R. Thompson.

I’ve been wanting to get this one since I heard about it at the beginning of winter, but it took me a while to “justify” spending the money on it. (The paperback is originally listed at $34 USD!) But luckily for me, The Book Depository is awesome, and they had a decent price.

The writeup on this notes its abnormal length for a non serial graphic novel – 592 pages! I know via the vague synopsis that Blankets is the story of two brothers, complemented by a story of a budding romance. This books has been incredibly popular on various social media. I’ve seen it all over, especially on bookish tumblrs.

Definitely excited to check it out for myself. I appreciate a quick read during the school months (though this really my last semester that the epithet “school months” will apply, yikes!). The satisfaction of reading a book from beginning to end is unparalleled anywhere else, and I must admit that if I am going to push onward through the bleak mid-semester to summer, I’m going to need to cut back on my spare reading. And that makes me sad.
UPDATE: the book finally arrived in the mail and it is giant. Getting through it will be no simple undertaking.
Another book soon to be added to my towering TBR list is This One Summer by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki 

This book’s another one I’ve had my eye on for a long time. I first saw it on a YA display at good ol’ BookPeople Austin, and as soon as I read the synopsis provided, I knew this was a book I’d be reading. According to the buzz on the book’s amazon page, this book was awarded a Caldecott Honor, which is super cool. Many reviews mention that the book seems too mature (some even say R-rated) for young teens. Others, ironically, label it as “too realistic” for a young teen audience (another way of articulating discomfort with the realness of sexuality in this book). I say, bring it on! I’m no longer a teen, but the criticism has had a reverse effect and now I’m more than intrigued.
On another note, I am possibily thinking of a different book, but I was thinking there was female LGBT representation in this novel? Neither the synopsis or the reviews on its amazon page mention a romance between the two main characters, but I swear I heard about it somewhere… I guess I will find out once I get my hands on this. Though I might be a smidge disappointed to find out that this is not a lesbian romance graphic novel. *sigh*

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