Book Cover Crushes: Matilda (Puffin Classics)

Hey, Book Lovers. What better way to soothe the ADHD wanderings of my mind by aimlessly wandering around the internet and browsing books? Certainly not breaking news, as I spend an embarrassing amount of time on bookstore and publisher websites. Anyway, today’s find is quite possibly the book that fueled my need to read when I was 8 years old.

And, this 2013 hardback edition is everything I could ever need:

Cover design by  Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini

Definitely “takes the cake” for the best version of Roald Dahl’s now classic tale of that intelligent child named Matilda. I will openly admit that for years after reading this for the first time (and probably a couple more within that same year), I desperately wanted to have the telepathic sort of magic that Matilda is graced with. I spent lots of time “practicing,” or rather, just checking to make sure I still couldn’t move things with my mind.
This gorgeous edition is going on my wishlist, to either buy at my next opportunity or pass on in a birthday gift list, as my birthday’s just over a month away!

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2 thoughts on “Book Cover Crushes: Matilda (Puffin Classics)

  1. Puffin Classics also has a box set of several classic children's books (like Anne of Green Gables, A Little Princess, etc) but this was one of the only ones in the set that I've actually read. I'm not sure if that gives me more reason or less reason to buy it, though!


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